With its large range of accessories in thermoformed plastic, Ermax improves your protection and personalizes your Suzuki motorcycle : GSX-S 1000 and GSX-S 1000 F, GSXR, SV650, SVF 650 Gladius, GSR 750 and GSR 600, Bandit, GSXR 1300 Hayabusa, and a lot of other models.

Speedmax completes this range and proposes approved tail lights and blinkers with LED, approved exhaust systems, stands, mirrors, aluminium screws and various accessories.


Suzuki sportbikes

The bikes built by Suzuki have a unique design and quite exceptional performance : in the category of sportbikes, the GSX-R 1000 stands out as the queen. Although it is not the most powerful bike of its class, it shines with a generous equipment endowment and madness sensations lavished on its pilot. His little 600cc sister is not left with a price / equipment of the most interesting. Ermax offers Aeromax, racing or high protection screens, plate holders, mudguards as well as customizable and adaptable undertrays for your Suzuki sportbike.

Sport-GT and Custom

The Japanese S brand has always positioned itself among the most innovative brands in terms of style and innovation : even today, Suzuki is a leader in the segment of custom and sport-gt (or hypersporting) motorcycles. There is also a wide choice in "atypical" motorcycle: note for example the GSXR 1300 Hayabusa (for which we propose a whole series of screens, plate support, rear mudguard, LED taillight, etc) which is recognizable among all by its original but so racing appearance. There is also the Intruder series, which by their specific look, are very similar to road bikes or cafe racer.

The roadsters from Suzuki

Among the most popular roadsters of the Japanese brand, there is the B-KING 1300, the GSF 650 Bandit, the SV 650 or the GSX-S. Characterized by their lack of fairing on the sides, these bikes are racy, offer a sporty look but also a certain comfort. Like the entire Suzuki range, they are generously equipped and offer the driver a lot of driving pleasure.
If your bike is not included in our list of models, don’t worry : there are a large number of universal parts and accessories, adaptable to all types and brands of motorcycles.

Trail and cross motorcycles

In the category of road trails, we find in particular the DL 650 or the DL 1000 which are distinguished both by an exemplary road behavior as well as equipment and comfort which are higher compared to the other brands. These bikes are ideal for alternating road rides and winding paths.
If you're an off-road fan, the RM-Z 250 and RM-Z 450 motorcycles will do the trick with their flexible suspension and efficient damping.

125cc that have nothing to envy to large

In the catalog of 125 Suzuki, we find the GSX-R 125 (the pure sportbike) and the GSX-S 125 (the roadster). These two light bikes are agile and perfectly fulfill their roles of nice entry-level. For a better comfort and an enhanced protection, you can equip your 125 Suzuki with an Aeromax screen or a sports windshield, both delivered with mounting kit and assembly instructions.

A piece of history…

In 1909, a Suzuki Michio founded "Suzuki Looms Works" and began to manufacture sewing machines for the textile industry.
In 1952, the company built its first motorcycle powered by a two-stroke 36cm3 engine. It was in 1961 that the Suzuki motorcycles (which changed its name to "Suzuki Motors") made their appearance in France.
But it is in 1981 that the legend is born thanks to the GSX-1100S Katana, which was very innovative at the time since endowed with a futuristic design at the time. Since then, Suzuki has been at the forefront of global two-wheeler manufacturers, with a focus on innovation, both stylistic and equipment.

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