Equip your BMW motorcycle and improve your protection with Ermax accessories. The F 800 R, the F 800 GT, R 1200 GS / Adventure and others models are developed.

And for completing this range, Speedmax proposes too approved blinkers with LED, approved exhaust systems, stands, mirrors, aluminium screws and various universal accessories.


BMW roadsters

The Munich manufacturer offers us a great range of roadsters, ranging from the "small" G310 to the monstrous R1200 through the F800 R and S1000 R. Known for their powerful engines, these motorcycles will take you from point A to point B without blinking. The K1300 R is one of the most advanced and powerful roadsters in the world.
With their refined and elegant style, their behavior that some call "bourgeois" but reassuring, they are excellent machines for those who can however afford one. Indeed, BMW motorcycles are not reputed to be among the most economical : however, quality has a price.

Sporty and hypersporting from BMW

With its famous S1000 RR, which some people consider as the best road-approved sportbike, BMW has established itself in the highly competitive sports segment. Capable of achieving 0 to 62 mph in 3.1s and with a top speed of over 186 mph, the S1000 RR is one of the fastest bikes in the world. Its "HP4" variant (HP for High Performance), with its 215hp for 377 lbs only, is sold around £69,000. However, it can be only used on track.
Coming with a smaller engine, we find his little sister, the S310 RR, which should soon land in stores.
For these exceptional motorcycles, we offer a range of parts and accessories such as wind deflectors, belly pans, plate holders, sport screens, high protection screens or Aéromax ... You will sure find something in Ermax range to embellish your sports BMW.

BMW trail motorcycles

The blue and white coat of arms also shines in the trail segment. It includes the G310 GS, F650 GSF700 GS and F850 GS. Beyond 1000cc, there are the R1200 GS and R1250 GS Adventure (recognized by many as the best road trails). For these agile motorcycles on highways and small roads, Ermax also offers suitable parts and accessories for this type of motorcycle like high protection screens, rear mudguard, sport screen ... in a few words, everything to improve your comfort and the design of your machine

Roads and Sport-GT

Like any good German manufacturer, BMW is a specialist in comfort and driving pleasure. If you want to travel the world and ride long distances (with or without a passenger) without getting tired, you could opt for the R1200 RT and Ermax high protection screen or its front fender extension, the F800 GT and its Ermax sport touring screen or its rear mudguard, or the K1200 / K1300 S and its Aeromax screen.
If you can’t find your bike in our list, do not hesitate to consult our Ermax universal accessories and equipment page : there are compatible parts with all types of brands and models ! You will necessarily find something to enhance your bike and give it a style of your own.

BMW : a two-wheelers manufacturer from the outset

It was in 1916 that BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) was born after the merger of two companies in Munich. Originally, the firm manufactured aircraft engines (which explains the logo propeller shape).
In 1923, when the First World War was over, BMW converted to the production of two-wheeler engines, when the company's first motorcycle, the R32 was created. BMW will be the first to equip its motorcycles with a telescopic fork, in 1935.
During the Second World War, BMW will manufacture the famous Afrika Korps, a sidecar whose side wheel is driving. Subsequently, many manufacturers from different countries will be inspired (including the French firm CEMEC).
In 2000, BMW revolutionized the scooter industry with the C1, which can be driven without a helmet because it has a roof, side guards and a seat belt. Always at the forefront of innovation in safety, the Bavarian brand will be the first to mount ABS brakes as a standard equipment on a motorcycle.
Since 2007, the firm is always at the forefront of technology : revolutionary electronic systems (anti-skating with the ASC, suspensions adjustments with the ESA, control of the pressure of the tires with the RDC ...). Today, the brand is among the leaders in almost all segments, sports with the S1000 RR capable of giving pride to Italian and Japanese bikes, but also on the electric segment with the C Evolution scooter.

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