Ermax has created a complete range of accessories for your Triumph to improve it and also protect his rider : parts painted with original colors or to personalize according to your preference.


Triumph roadsters

The brand has only a few modern roadsters to its credit : the Street Triple R, legendary Triumph sports roadster inspired by the no less legendary Daytona, is recognizable with its two rounded optics (or oval, inspired by those of the Speed Triple, depending on the version), its two up exhausts and of course its famous three-cylinder whistling engine. Also recognized for its chassis, also derived from the Daytona 675, which is very effective and inspiring confidence.
But Triumph has not seen fit to stop there with the Speed Triple, even more powerful : with 150 horsepower to distribute, 10 500 rpm maximum speed, disconnectable ABS, an enhanced gearbox, 4 driving modes, TFT color edge screen ... All the ingredients of an excellent machine. But as we do not change a team that wins, we keep the three cylinders and the frame of the Daytona, who have made and will continue for a long time to make the success of Hinckley roadsters. To sublimate this motorbike, Ermax offers among other things a nose fairing and a belly pan, both fully customizable and adaptable to your Speed Triple.
If you prefer vintage motorcycles with a more old-school look, you can turn to the sublime 1200 Bonneville T120, deliciously vintage, the 1200 Scrambler, at home on and off the road, the 1200 Thruxton, one of the best cafe-racer equipped with a hearty twin engine, or the 900 Street Cup, with their assertive and cafe-racer style. Whatever your choice, whether you are retro or modern, you will be stylish when riding a Triumph.
If your bike is not in the list, do not panic : check our list of universal accessories adaptable on all models of motorcycles.

GT and Custom / Bobbers

The famous British manufacturer gives pride of place to bobbers, pleasure bikes first made to cruise quietly while having a certain class and a real biker look. Among the most popular, the 1200 Bonneville Bobber or the 1200 Speedmaster. With their twin engine and their look of hell, these machines will make you look like a British gentleman. Although retro-minded, they are not reluctant to progress and are rich in electronics: ABS, anti-skid disconnectable, Ride-By-Wire accelerator, LED lights and turn signals, cruise control ... Triumph has a gift to make the most of the old and the new and bring the two together in a single machine.

In the Grand Touring category, we find the beautiful Trophy 900, which, even if it is no longer young, still shines with its so british design. For many, it remains one of the best GT all brands. Comfort, chassis, behavior, aesthetics ... we find all the DNA of Triumph in the Trophy: the English charm, the so much appreciated 3 cylinders engine, equipment at the top level make the Trophy an excellent road bike. We offer for the Trophy a high protection Ermax screen that will improve your comfort and protection on your bike.

The sports Triumph

With the 675 Daytona, Triumph demonstrated that it was not just a "cushy" brand. Agile, powerful, aesthetically successful, the Daytona has everything from a great sportbike. Although it is not as comfortable as the other categories Triumph, its three-cylinder engine is here also doing wonders. With its adjustable suspension, its an ultra-light weight (184 kilos in running order) and its disconnectable ABS, it really shines on a track. Although it is not equipped with the latest technological innovations (assisted traction control, injections mapping ...) it promises its driver sensations never seen before. Many professionals agree that it is one of the most effective sportbike on the market : On the Daytona, everything is calibrated for performance. And the R version is even more insane.
With the Daytona, Triumph proved to the world that they were still able to dominate sport on two wheels. If you want to embellish your machine even more, do not hesitate to order the Aeromax screen for Daytona 675 2009/2012, which will be delivered with its grid.

Tiger trails

With the Tiger series, Triumph proves that in this category too, the English brand knows how to do it. The Tiger 800 for example, with its electronic accelerator ride-by-wire and its famous three-cylinder engine inherited from its cousins, giving it a consistent acceleration from 4000 rpm. Once again, the Triumph shines with its balanced chassis and its chain transmission. Its off-road mode ensures a distribution of the ideal power on any type of terrain. To increase your protection during your hikes, the high protection screen Ermax is ideal.

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