Ermax accessories for Aprilia



With Ducati, Aprilia is the manufacturer of Italian motorbikes par excellence. The machines are racy, with an ultra-sporty look and the mechanics are precise. The RSV4 1000, for example, is the one that brought the Superbike title to Noale in 2010 and 2012. Designed for the track, it promises to charm you with its captivating V4, but not only : redesigned exhaust and improved electronic management allow to reach the trifling 184 horsepower turning at ... 12 500 revolutions / minute. The couple is not outdone, with a maximum of 117 Nm at 10 500 revolutions / minute. ABS 9MP by Bosch adjustable on 3 modes (Track, Sport, Rain), monoblock Brembo front braking ... the list is not exhaustive, but it already gives a fairly accurate overview of what the beast offers. The Factory Edition stands out for its adjustable engine position, Öhlins suspensions, carbon everywhere and even forged aluminum wheels. It's easy to see why Aprilia holds the top position in competition with other manufacturers. For the RSV4 R / Factory 2009/2014, we offer a double-curved Aeromax Ermax screen, which improves the aerodynamics of your motorbike and therefore offers better top speed and less air turbulence.

The Aprilia roadsters

Looking for a wild roadster, which has nothing of the classic cushy roadster ? Genuine Italian thoroughbred, the Tuono R is what you need.
When creating the Tuono, Aprilia is part of its RSV 1000 (known for its extraordinary efficiency) and has slightly developed it : a lack of fairing, a welcoming passenger seat and integrated handles, a handlebar adapted to the road. This is what separates the Tuono from the maddening RSV4. The whole soul of the sportbike remained intact in the roadster version. If you like RSV, you'll love Tuono. The chassis and the engine block remain almost unchanged. With 167 horsepower for 394 lbs, its performance is closer to that of a hypersporting than that of a normal bike in its class. Simply diabolical. To improve the racing look of your RSV 1000 Tuono R 2006/2011, why not offer you the Ermax high protection screen with the color of your choice : transparent, black satin, blue, red, fluo orange ... it's up to you . If your bike is not included in the list, do not hesitate to consult our list of approved universal parts and accessories, adaptable to all motorcycle models.

The Aprilia maxi-trails

Aprilia does not leave the fighters on the floor with the Caponord. Savant mixture of dynamism and comfort, it is ready for the trip (handguard, half fairing with windshield manual adjustment, saddle in two parts) and is equipped with a consequent equipment (ABS, anti-skating with 3 disconnectable levels, triple injection mapping, cruise control and electronically controlled suspensions). Thanks to the Aprilia Dynamic Damping system, the hydraulics are electrically adjusted according to your configuration : Solo, Solo with luggage, Duo, Duo with luggage.
The sensations are not forgotten with the two-cylinder block still delivering 130 horsepower. In addition, the injection has been reviewed, as well as the air box and the gearing. Aerodynamics, inspired by that of the sporty RSV4, ensures optimized air penetration and reduced consumption. We offer a range of parts and accessories for the 1000 Caponord 2002/20031000 Caponord 2004/2009 and 1200 Caponord 2012/2016, including high protection screens and touring screens that will provide you with additional protection during your rides. Available in several colors to choose from and customizable with silkscreens.

History of the brand

Aprilia was born at the end of the Second World War, in Noale, near Venice, Italy, from the desire of Alberto Boggio, decorated with the Italian Legion of Honor.
Until 1968, the company built bicycles. But Alberto's son, Ivano, sees the end of the bicycle era and creates a 50 cc prototype. Very quickly, success is here, and the firm grows. In 10 years, production will increase from 150 to 12,000 machines per year.
The 1980s marked a turning point for Aprilia, which, with the oil crisis, must change course and propose alternatives. This is how the brand goes from making cross and enduro motorcycles to larger displacement motorcycles.
In 2004, the company, then in a delicate financial situation, was bought by the Piaggio SpA group. This will not prevent Aprilia from shining in competition, and being among the constructors with the most titles in the league. In 2014, Aprilia had no less than 337 victories in all categories, including 52 world championship titles.