To change the look of your Vespa and improve your protection, Ermax created a range of windshields in thermoformed plastic : Mini Sportivo®, Sportivo® and Piccolo®. Personalize your accessory by choosing one color and one silkscreen in option.

And for completing this range, Speedmax proposes too various universal accessories.



  • VESPA S 50/125

    Personalize your scooter Vespa S 50/125 2010/2015 with Ermax windshields : Piccolo ®, Mini Sportivo ® or Sportivo ®.

    Very nice accessories for your Vespa, for a new look : wide choice of colors and optional design silkscreens, chromed fixing kit specific to the S 50 / S 125. And your protection improved thanks to screen sizes from 30 to 45 cm.

  • VESPA SPRINT 50/125/150

    Equip your scooter Vespa Sprint with Ermax accessories !

    A sport windshield or a high windshield for the Sprint 50, Sprint 125 and Sprint 150 : a few colors and many silkscreens available for a very personalized look.


    Ermax Tuning accessories for the Vespa 50/125/150 Primavera : a short windshield 30 cm and a high windshield 40 cm. Choose your screen and color !

    Personalize your windshield for Vespa Primavera with an Ermax silkscreen : your scooter will have an unusual look !

  • VESPA GTS 125/250/300

    Give a makeover to your Vespa GTS with Ermax windshields !

    Accessories compatible with the GTS 125, GTS 250 and GTS 300. Available in a few colors and different sizes.

    Many design silkscreens may be added in option to personalize your scooter.