Ermax proposes adaptable screens for your KTM motorcycles : 1190 Adventure 2013/2015, Duke 125 2011/2014, Super Duke 990 2006/2008 and Super Duke 1290 2014.

Improve your protection and comfort with Ermax nose screens for KTM !

Speedmax distributes too a rear hugger for 125/200/390 Duke 2011/2014, and a front extenda for Super Duke 990 2007/2008.


KTM roadsters

The Austrian manufacturer is famous for making "surgical" motorcycles. It may be for the new KTM 790 version that is called "the scalpel". With an almost unchanged design from that of the prototype introduced in 2016, including a particular shape, an « insect » lighthouse and a perfectly integrated bevel silencer, this little sister of 1290 is eye-flattering.
Nevertheless, the undisputed queen of roadsters among the Austrians remains the KTM SuperDuke 1290. Less than one can say it is what the Austrian was not harmed on the means for this 1290 : a madness couple and a contained weight (417 lbs): that is what is exceptional. It's a motorcycle that really oozes aggression from every pore. It takes just 7.2 seconds to make the 0 to 124 mph : it is exactly the same time as a Bugatti Veyron (which itself has a 1000 horsepower engine, against "only" 173 for the KTM). To personalize your KTM roadster, we offer a complete range of Ermax sport windshields and sport nose screens, available in several colors to choose from. They will improve your comfort, and will be delivered with a mounting kit and a mounting instructions. If your bike is not in the list, do not hesitate to consult our list of universal parts and accessories compatible with all models of all brands of motorcycles.

The Maxi Trails

The big trail market is a segment that has been growing strongly in recent years. KTM is planning to take a piece of cake with the KTM 1290 SuperAdventure S, to get a big LC8 engine of 160 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque, as well as generative and sophisticate : dashboard with TFT screen, commands backlit , 4 driving modes ... there is something to please. New LED optics and angular design never go unnoticed. Like all KTMs, the look is racing, sporty, original and never leaves indifferent. We love or hate. Another model in the range, the KTM 1050 Adventure, its aggressive look and its high-level equipment : ABS, traction control, limited slip clutch, engine modes... Equipped with twin LC8, it is dynamic and comfortable in urban traffic. With all this, we can say that competitors want to be in the archi-competitive and very popular maxi-trail GT segment.
If you are lucky enough to own a KTM trail, you will surely be able to go off-track. That's why we offer high-protection Ermax screens that enhance driver comfort and protection. If you do not see your machine in the list, you can visit our page of universal parts and accessories compatible with all makes and models.

The 125cc KTM

In 2011, the Austrian manufacturer literally boosted the small-displacement segment with the Duke 125. Taking all of a great (aggressiveness, look, feel) except the price, it quickly rose to the top of the 125 segment. Perfect to start or invest easily in a big bike, the 125 Duke is a very nice gateway to the world of bikers. If you want something even more extreme, KTM has thought of you with the RC 125.

A little bit of history...

It was in 1934 in Mattighoffen, near Salzburg, that the story of KTM began. Hans Trunkenpolz, mechanic and locksmith, opens a workshop and will become in 20 years and more in terms of repair of cars and motorcycles in Austria.
In 1953, Ernst Kronreif joined the company and the company that began manufacturing a motorcycle with a 100cc engine. This is what was confirmed in the name of KTM (Kronreif, Trukenpolz, Motorfahrzeugbaugesellschaft). At the same time, KTM is successfully launching in motorcycle competition. Since that time, the Orange brand has been driving innovations and becoming a pioneer in many areas : for example, it is the first manufacturer to be offered four times in enduro races. KTM developed its own 4-day engine and marketed them in 1987, which allowed an Austrian manufacturer to land and build a solid reputation in cross-country and off-road racing. Since then, KTM continues to play excellent image with bikers, both in terms of technique and in terms of sex appeal. In 2006, KTM even made a car with the KTM X-Bow, powered by an Audi engine.

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