Ermax undertray MT 125 2014/2018 + SUP10
  • Ermax undertray MT 125 2014/2018 + SUP10
  • Ermax undertray MT 125 2014/2018 + SUP10
  • Ermax undertray MT 125 2014/2018 + SUP10


Ermax undertray for MT 125 2014/2019

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This Ermax undertail covers and colors the rear of your MT125 2014/2019. You can fit it with the original rear mud flap, or replace this last one by our metallic support SUP10, provided with one approved plate lighting. In the case of the mounting with the SUP10, you will have to plan replacing indicators (see our blinkers).

The assembly of this under tray MT-125 2014/2018 does not need cutting and you can then refit your motorcycle in original configuration.

Accessory available in original Yamaha colors or in black unpainted.


Data sheet

Provided accessories
Delivered with fitting kit and instructions.
In thermoformed chock ABS 3 mm.
You have to respect road safety rules current in your country. A few essential indications are given in our fitting instructions.


User guide

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Note undertray MT125 2014

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Selling cheap Ermax accessories for motorcycle Yamaha MT 125 2014/2019

Years of construction for this MT 125 2014/2019 model of Yamaha motorcycle: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Colours for undertray:
  • Unpainted black
  • Satin black (blackmax) 2014/2019
  • Matt red (anodized red) 2014/2015
  • Satin blue (race blu) 2014/2017
  • Metallic blue (yamaha blue/dpbmc) 2014/2019
  • Satin grey (matt grey/mnm3) 2014/2016
  • Fluo yellow (night fluo yellow) 2014/2017
  • Anthracite grey (armor or nimbus gray / grey and yellow bike) 2014/2017
  • Satin black (tech black) 2017/2019
  • Matt grey (matt grey metallic 3 (mnm3)) 2018
  • Satin fluo yellow (satin night fluo) 2018
  • Clear matt grey (mat light grey metallic 4/MLNM) 2019
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