Whether it is for a first motorcycle or as part of a renewal, you are asking yourself or will probably ask yourself this question: where will I buy my motorcycle or scooter?

Indeed, whereas 20 or 30 years ago, the concessionaire was the main vehicle, for both new and existing properties, today, with the appearance of the Internet and the many classified ad sites between individuals, the offer is overwhelming and it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around.

We will make an inventory of the different solutions that currently exist and try to give you for each one, the advantages and disadvantages that result from them, according to your profile and the use you want to make of them.


If you have the budget to buy a new machine, then nothing beats the dealer. Thanks to his experience, he will provide you with adapted advice and will guide you towards the ideal type or model of motorcycle or scooter. He will surely offer you additional equipment and accessories (do not hesitate to negotiate their price).

If you are not a DIYer, buying from the dealer is a good option because they will take care of the warranty, maintenance and repairs (if necessary) of your motorcycle/scooter. However, take the time to find out beforehand (look at the ratings of the model(s) you are interested in on The Control Panel or Cycle Official) and don't let the emotion overwhelm you when you see the machine of your dreams.

You can also choose sites such as La Centrale or Le Bon Coin, where some ads come from professionals. Be careful, however, with the distance: if you have to travel 500 km each time there is an intervention or a revision to be carried out, it can quickly turn out to be complicated and therefore less profitable.



If your budget does not allow you to afford a new machine, or if you want to get your hands on a machine that has already been run in, you will opt for a second-hand model.
Most motorcyclists and scooters choose to enter the world of two-wheelers by means of a second-hand motorcycle or scooter, and although this may seem logical, it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around the diversity of offers: dealer, small local garage, advertising sites between individuals, motorcycle schools... The options are numerous.

Are there any pitfalls to avoid or, on the contrary, are there any leads to be favoured? We will see in this article that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

- The classified ad sites: Depop, Shpock, Gumtree... the websites offering individuals to sell and buy properties are numerous. In strong growth in recent years, they are increasingly popular for their simplicity and the prices offered (often lower than in concessions, although this is not always true).
There are some basic rules to follow if you plan to buy your vehicle on a classified ads site between individuals (also valid for cars):
1. Beware of a price that is too attractive: this can mean that the owner wants to sell the vehicle quickly (which is sometimes a sign of bad luck). Whether it is an aesthetic defect, a technical problem or a stolen vehicle, you are never immune to unpleasant surprises.
2. Take the time to check the vehicle: in order to avoid any disappointment, remember to inspect the machine (engine operation, levels, tires, handlebars, bodywork, lights...) and check the vehicle's papers. Remember to check carefully that the numbers entered correspond to those in the vehicle registration document, and to ask the seller for the maintenance booklet and invoices related to the maintenance of the vehicle. Finally, if the road test seems conclusive to you and you do not notice any particular anomaly, you may have found the right deal.
3. Remember to include ancillary costs in your budget: if the motorcycle or scooter you are looking for has one or more problems (mechanical or aesthetic), use it to negotiate a lower price. Some repairs can be very expensive and high mileage can indicate quite high maintenance bills. In addition to that, don't forget the cost of gas, insurance, transportation....
- From a professional: Buying your used motorcycle or scooter in a garage or dealer has several advantages: on the one hand, the professional seller is legally obliged to provide a guarantee of at least 3 months on the vehicle sold, which is reassuring and reassuring for many.
He must also test, check and repair each vehicle before resale, which again can save you a lot of inconvenience. Also, in case of a problem, you know where to turn: if you don't have a mechanical soul, it can be useful!
Of course, even with a professional, you will never be immune to unpleasant surprises or unscrupulous salesmen: take the time to find out about the prices of the various equipment and services before you start.
- In a motorcycle school: yes, it is quite possible to buy back the bike on which you may have learned to ride. Often offered at very low cost, they are also very suitable for beginners: light, easy to handle, reliable and reputedly easy to maintain.
Among the most popular models, there are classics appreciated by many motorcyclists such as the Kawasaki ER6-N, Honda CBF500 and CBF600, and of course the Yamaha MT-07.
However, some precautions must be taken: often, the parts have been mishandled during training (in particular the transmission, frame, engine, clutch, gearbox or fairing).


Whatever method you choose, as far as possible, find out as much as you can about the bike's history: what use (solo, duo, city, mountain), if it has been involved in an accident, its overhaul and maintenance history... try to identify any signs of wear on the outside of the bike (fairing, sides, fork...). This can work in your favour during the sale.

In general, make competition work: You can always, as far as reasonable, ask the seller for a small discount: in order to have arguments in your favour, compare the price of the vehicle you are looking for with those of other offers (model, year, mileage and similar options).
Don't show your enthusiasm to the seller right away, try to keep a certain neutrality while showing that you would be interested.

Still hesitating between a motorcycle and a scooter? Feel free to consult our article on this subject.

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