X MAX 125/250 2018/2022


X MAX 125/250 2018/2022

To personalize your X MAX 125 and X MAX 250 2018/2022 and improve your protection, Ermax offers you its tuning accessories range : high protection windshield, windshield original size, windshield sport, hypersport windshield, undertail.

Choose your equipment of XMAX 125/250 2018/2022 : fairing pieces painted with Yamaha original colours or unpainted, screens available in various sizes and in many colours, and various others accessories (tail light, indicators, front extenda, diabolos, rear-view mirros ...)


X MAX 125/250 2018/2022

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Selling cheap Ermax accessories for scooter Yamaha X MAX 125/250 2018/2022

Years of construction for this X MAX 125/250 2018/2022 model of Yamaha scooter: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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