Z900RS 2018/2023


Z900RS 2018/2023

Sublimate your Z 900 RS Kawasaki with Ermax accessories : nose fairing or nose screen, belly pan and rear fender. We offer parts painted at stock colours, with deco matching the bikes.

Our accessories for Z900RS are delivered with their fitting kits.

Z900RS 2018/2023

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In the category of "neo-retro", we do not systematically think of Kawasaki. And yet, with the new Z 900 RS, the Japanese brand is making a major impact and is becoming a key player in the category.

With its very manga look, typical of the 70s, the Z 900 RS (RS for Retro Sport) has the unique ability to take us immediately with it, into its world. Round headlight, old-fashioned counters, colours inspired by the legendary Z1, flat and wide fuel tank, fins on the breech, slender seat... on this bike, everything reminds you of the good old days, from the front to the rear.

The dress of this Kawasaki is the main charming element of the machine, but not only! To top it all off, the engine block is a delight with its 4 cylinders in line. It must be said that with its 948 cm3 and 215kg, the Z 900 RS has a lot of punch to offer!


In 1972, Kawasaki released a model that would make a lasting impression for a short while: the Kawasaki 900 Z1 combined power, reliability, quality construction and attractive design. According to Kawasaki, between 70% and 80% of these models are still in circulation today. Nice proof of the seriousness of the manufacturer and the quality of this legendary model!

Today, his worthy successor intends to seduce motorcyclists who love retro lines and beautiful mechanics. From the treatment of the wheels to the sound of the exhaust to the counter blocks, the finishes are truly impeccable on this Z 900 RS. It manages to mix classic and modern with, for example, the LED taillight, which has been designed to have the halo appearance typical of old bulb bulbs.

Finally, the driving position is natural and the pilot stands up straight, the engine is flexible (as are the controls), the turning radius is good and the brakes are biting but progressive. It is a healthy bike that is easy to handle, especially for a machine of its size: the 215 kilos of the beast are quickly forgotten once on board!


At Ermax, we are committed to respecting the soul and philosophy of the machines. For this perfect representative of the racers coffee style, we offer you accessories that perfectly match this neo-retro lineage: Nasty® wind screen, Racer® and Mini Racer® windscreen, "café racer" mirrors and many others... Customizable in different colours, these accessories guarantee you to keep the spirit of your Z 900 RS and improve its look and "racing" side without distorting it, on the contrary!

Take advantage of Ermax experience and know-how to enhance your Kawasaki Z 900 RS 2018/2023 and enjoy the many Ermax benefits such as a secure payment system and fast delivery. You can also consult the customer reviews on the different product pages or contact us if you need more information!

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