Ermax flip up screen MT09 Tracer
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High screen

Ermax high screen for MT-09 Tracer / FJ-09 2015/2017

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This tall screen 50 cm offers to you a best protection on your MT09 Tracer / FJ09 2015/2017. It measures 5 cm more than the original Yamaha screen. You can personalize it thanks to the various available colors and silkscreens.

Taller screen Tracer manufactured in poured PMMA (methacrylate) 3 mm thermoformed, delivered ready to fit.


Data sheet

Possible options
Silkscreen and seal (product with silkscreen manufactured on order only). See various models below.
Silkscreens are possible and visible on screens with clear (transparent), transparent brown, clear grey or satin grey color only. They can be ordered with screen, nose screen or windshield only, as they are made before thermoforming.


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Average votes
4.6 / 5
14 advices
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Diego A.
Encaja perfectamente en la moto y queda genial.El envío se demoró bastante, pero al final es una compra excelente.
Farid T.
Bulle tracer 900 ermax
C'était un peu long pour la livraison mais mise à part ça très satisfait
Marchesi G.
Non adatto
Il cupolino tocca quando si gira completamente il manubrio
Message from moderation
Devi regolare gli specchi
Tiago P.
Vidro desportivo touring yamaha mt09 tracer
Esteticamente muito bonito com uma proteção superior ao original sem ser demasiado grande . Boa escolha recomendo
Pedro M.
High Screen - Bulle haute protection Ermax pour MT-09 Tracer / FJ-09 2015/2017
Good wind protection. Perfect.


With nearly 50 years of experience, Ermax is today one of the leading manufacturers of parts and accessories for motorcycles and scooters in the world. We offer a wide range of equipment for the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer and FJ-09 2015/2017, including sports or high protection screens, rear hugger, belly pan, fairing flanks,  extenda fenda and plate holder. All these accessories are perfectly adapted to your bike!

The primary function of the high protection screen is to increase the pilot's protection from wind, rain, hail and anything that could disturb him on the road (debris, stones and various projectiles...) which is even more important on a trail bike like the MT-09 Tracer, designed to ride on all types of roads and paths. In addition, the high protection screen optimizes the penetration of your bike into the air while protecting you from the elements! With a height of 50cm, it measures 5cm more than the original screeb of your motorcycle and therefore protects you better than this latter.


In addition to providing you and your bike with extra protection and comfort, the high protection screen gives your machine a sporty and racing look. If you choose the Ermax high protection screen for MT-09 Tracer / FJ-09 2015/2017, you will have the choice between the following colours: light (transparent), brown, light grey, light black, dark black, black or satin grey. If you wish (optional), you can enhance your Ermax high protection screen with an exclusive Ermax screen printing for even more style. An overview is available in the "Accessories / Options" section of this page. Be careful, however, the addition of a silkscreen printing is only possible on light (transparent), smoked, light grey or satin grey screens: they would not be visible on dark colours. These silkscreens are only available with our Ermax screens, windshields and nose screens.

This Ermax high protection screen is the ideal accessory to improve both the protection and the look of your Yamaha! Moreover, the quality of Ermax accessories, parts and equipment is recognized worldwide: Ermax is present in more than 50 countries and has nearly 1450 dealers in France. By choosing to equip your bike with Ermax, you opt for peace of mind, like many riders before you!


As with all other nose screens and screens, the maintenance process is extremely simple: all you need is a cotton cloth, soap and water. We recommend that you use this and do not rub it dry, to avoid damaging and scratching it.

Made of 3 mm thermoformed cast PMMA (methacrylate), the Ermax high protection screen for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer / FJ-09 2015/2017 is delivered to you ready to assemble.

Do not hesitate any longer, take advantage of our fast delivery system and 100% secure payment on our website. You will receive the part quickly at home and you will only have to install it and enjoy it!

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly (our contact information is available at the bottom of this page) or refer to the opinions of other customers.

Selling cheap Ermax accessories for motorcycle Yamaha MT-09 TRACER / FJ-09 2015/2017

Years of construction for this MT-09 TRACER / FJ-09 2015/2017 model of Yamaha motorcycle: 2015, 2016, 2017
Colours for high screen:
  • Clear (transparent)
  • Transparent brown
  • Light grey
  • Light black
  • Dark black (opaque)
  • Satin black (opaque)
  • Satin grey (opaque)
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