Ermax radiator scoops MT07 / FZ07 2014/2017
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Radiator scoops

Ermax radiator scoops for MT 07 / FZ 07 2014/2017

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Radiator scoops for MT07 / FZ07 2014/2017. This tuning accessory covers the radiator sides, in extension of the tank. You can so personalize your motorcycle, with colors you want : original Yamaha colors, carbon look or unpainted black. Ermax also created two-coloured versions for this product, still with your motorcycle colors.

Scoops MT-07 / FZ-7 sold by pair. Delivered with netting to stick in option.


Data sheet

Provided accessories
Delivered with fitting kit and instructions.
In thermoformed chock ABS 3 mm.


User guide

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Note scoops MT 07 14

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Average votes
5.0 / 5
3 advices
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Maciej W.
all ok
Thank you for free gifts ;)
Sanel D.
Kit carénage MT-07(sabot moteur,les écopes et le garde boue arrière )
Reçu dans les temps et monte aussi tôt(de la couleur de la moto) ça rend très bien je recommande⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Suleyman S.
MT07,MT09 Tracer
Want to first say thank you for the perfect service and fast delivery. The goods I ordered are of very high quality...


A radiator scoop is above all an aesthetic part that can be used to cover the sides of the radiator of your Yamaha MT-07 and improve its design.

As with the belly pan, the addition of radiator scoops will increase the sportivity of your bike and give it a strong "racing" feel.

Radiator scoops are an essential accessory for your MT-07: they really dress your bike by being connected to the tank. You will immediately see the difference!

In addition to being aesthetic, they provide additional protection for your motorcycle's radiator by protecting it from potential impacts and shocks. This accessory combines the visual and the useful side by combining sportiness and protection.

Thanks to its long experience, Ermax has been able to position itself as a leader in the motorcycle and scooter accessories market. Ermax is now present in more than 50 countries and has 1450 resellers in France. 

As a market leader, Ermax has developed a wide range of equipment and accessories for the Yamaha MT-07 (screens, windshields, belly pan, rear hugger, plate holders, etc.) and therefore offers specific radiator scoops to the MT-07 for sale.

You will not be disappointed by the quality of Ermax products, whose know-how is recognized worldwide.


Radiator scoops cover the sides of your motorcycle: their visual appearance is therefore essential. In order to meet your expectations, Ermax offers you a wide choice of colours (including the official Yamaha colours): matt black or carbon, metal blue or satin, fluorescent yellow, racing red, violet, anthracite grey or satin, two-tone or tricolour... The choice of colour will depend on your style: a discreet colour will allow the scoops to integrate perfectly with the fairing while an original colour will highlight them and give your bike a unique look. It is entirely up to you and to your imagination to decide.

Ermax radiator scoops are sold in pairs and come with additional aluminium grids to be glued (optional). If you are interested in these grids, we recommend that you use a special glue adapted for this purpose, which you can find here.


As with all its accessories and equipment, Ermax offers you a fixing kit and assembly intructions

In about 40 minutes (estimate), you can simply install your radiator scoops and aluminum grilles on your Yamaha MT-07 by yourself.

The scoops are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) 3 mm thermoformed impact 3 mm, a material whose resistance to road tests is well known. It will ensure you the solidity and the durability over time.

For more information, please feel free to consult our customers' opinions on each page of our website under the product that you are interested in. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for a quote or additional information. We are at your disposal to advise and guide you .


Selling cheap Ermax accessories for motorcycle Yamaha MT-07 / FZ-07 2014/2017

Years of construction for this MT-07 / FZ-07 2014/2017 model of Yamaha motorcycle: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Colours for radiator scoops:
  • Unpainted black
  • Carbon look
  • Violet (deep armor) 2014/2015
  • Satin blue (race blu) 2014/2016
  • Violet / Satin black 2014/2015
  • Satin grey (matt grey/mnm3) 2014/2016
  • Satin grey (matt grey) / Satin black 2014/2016
  • Satin blue / Satin black (race blue bike) 2014/2016
  • Anthracite metallic grey (tech graphite / race blue motorcycle) 2014
  • Satin black 2014/2017
  • Matt clear grey (matt silver 1/race blue motorcycle) 2015/2016
  • Yellow (extreme yellow / RYC1) 2015
  • Matt light grey / Matt black (race blue motorcycle) 2015/2016
  • Yellow / Satin black 2015
  • Metallic red (lava red) 2016
  • Metallic red (lava red) / Matt black 2016
  • Anthracite grey (armor gray / grey and yellow bike) 2016/2017
  • Fluo yellow (night fluo yellow) 2016/2017
  • Grey / Fluo yellow (night fluo/armor gray) 2016/2017
  • Red (racing red) 2014
  • Red / Satin black 2014
  • White (bwc1) 2014/2015
  • White (bwc1) / Satin black 2014/2015
  • Metallic blue (yamaha blue/dpbmc) 2017
  • Metallic blue (dpbmc) / Satin black 2017
  • Satin black (tech black) 2017
  • Metallic white (bluish white pearl 1 / bwp1) 2017
  • White / Turquoise blue (bluish white pearl 1 / turquoise blue) 2017
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