Z 800 / Z 800 E 2013/2016

Z 800 / Z 800 E 2013/2016

To change the look of your motorcycle and improve your protection, Ermax created a large range of accessories in thermoformed plastic, specially adapted to the Kawasaki Z800 / Z800E 2013/2016 : a sport nose screen, a rear hugger, a belly pan, a seat cover, and an undertray.

And for completing this range, Speedmax proposes too approved tail light and blinkers with LED, approved exhaust systems, stands, mirrors, aluminium screws and various universal accessories.

Accessories compatible with the Z 800 Sugomi Edition.

Z 800 / Z 800 E 2013/2016

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The Z800, the sports roadster of Kawasaki

There are more and more sports in roadsters category. Aggressive, with very powerful motors, no fairing for more sensations… Thrilling amateur riders are served with the motorcycle Z800 Kawasaki!

A rigid saddle, firm suspensions, a more reasonable price than the Z750... The decoration is also more sober. The style is more sleek, more urban!

A consequent weight (+3 kilos), a very good template! However, the Z800 remains agile and the driver’s position is pleasant!

In town, according to the professional pilots who tested it, the driving of the Z800 is quite pleasant. But on the streets, the sports bike roadster is exquisite to drive.

Of course, the total absence of a protective bubble changes the game when these professional pilots go on the motorway.

It is especially for these small disadvantages that Ermax has developed a wide range of products, accessories and equipment adapted to the Kawasaki Z800!

A futuristic presentation to complete with Ermax accessories!

Reminder of the Z on the saddle, reminder of the Z in the form of LED lights, mini-computer on board… The Z800 Kawasaki is aesthetically very attractive, very modern and futuristic.

However, it seems important to attach or install suitable accessories and equipment.

This is why Ermax offers both for your protection and to optimize the aesthetics of your motorcycle: a sports windshield, a rear mud-guard, an engine shoe, a seat hood and a wheel passage.

You will also be able to install certified blinkers (flashing lights), approved exhaust pots, aluminium screws, etc.

Lack of careening on your motorcycle can cause severe turbulence, tire the pilot, not protect him from wind or bad weather… A windshield would not be surplus, especially if you use your Z800 Kawasaki on a daily-basis or for highway journeys!

Delivery and installation tips for Ermax products

As for all Ermax accessories and equipment, you will receive when your order is delivered mounting kits if necessary, to help you and install your parts.

You will also have the opportunity to follow our explanatory notes in which safety standards are reminded to you in order to avoid unnecessary accidents or tickets.

All our accessories and equipment combine both aesthetic and safety.
Ermax wants to bring you comfort and modernity by offering products that are always more customizable and modern.